Richmond trusts the Mowbray name

Trust begins with quality, integrity, and the belief that you should place your most valuable asset in the hands of professionals who can deliver on such principals.

George E. Mowbray, Jr. Painting and Wallpapering Co.’s legacy was built upon the belief that integrity delivers quality. That is why for over three generations of Richmonders have turned to Mowbray for their decorating and restoration needs. The integrity of Mowbray’s professional team builds trust. The quality builds relationship and makes the Mowbray family the only painting, decorating, and restoration professionals that you need.

So for you homes interior and exterior painting, trust the professional family of George E. Mowbray, Jr. Painting and Wallpapering, Co. to deliver the quality and service you demand.

Commitment to Quality:

Quality — Detailed estimated work descriptions accompany each estimate and work is performed according to this agreement between Mowbray Paint Co. and our clients

Dependability — Mowbray employees work full 8 hour shifts and work until the job is complete in a timely fashion

Insurance — Workman’s Compensation & Liability Insurance protect our clients & employees

Cleanliness — A guarantee from all Mowbray Paint Co. employees that the work area and entire jobsite remains clean and orderly during the entire job

Honesty and Integrity — Our goal is to form a trusting, lasting relationship with our clients. We do this through our actions and our integrity.

Scheduling — Every clients’ requirements are heard, appreciated, and followed, and extra care is taken to minimize the disruption to your home

Knowledge —  For three generations Mowbray’s have impressed there knowledge and experience to create a business based on moral integrity. Our business and name is only strengthened by our continuing education through various seminars and workshops including lead base paint certification.

Superior Materials — The most durable and lasting products on the market are used on each job to ensure the best results.

Preparation of Job — Cleaning, sanding, puttying, caulking, and priming are performed prior to any job ensuring a longer-lasting, quality finish

Client communication — All employees (painters, foremen, and owners) communicate effectively with clients

Craftsmanship — All employees including President, Ernie Mowbray, pay the utmost attention to detail and guarantee every job meets our clients’ expectations